Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver

This site provides the official Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver link, to make it easier for you to connect to the device so that it can share and also move data also to do flashing. besides that this software has also been updated.
Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver, For Windows, Installer, Support, Free Download, Full Features,

ADB driver software is useful for those of you who want to connect a smartphone to a Windows device, and can be installed for all os, Windows XP Vista and 7
| 10 | 8.

Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver Link:

Support: For Windows
Author : OPPO Smartphone.
Setup : EXE file Format

Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver Review. OPPO R11s utilizes 20MP+16MP rear cameras, dual f/1.7 large aperture, which, makes clear picture in night and day. In dim environment, the 20MP camera, will intelligently synthesize 2.0µm pixels and four times that the photosensitive, area, so it can even capture and decorate the face even for shooting , the nighttime to produce more outstanding portrait, With superbly slight at 6.01 inches and ultra-high 85.8% screen ratio, once the new 18:9 full screen switches on the telephone, everything comes to life and gives you a immersive experience. While the entire view is 12.5% broader than the normal 16:9 display, OPPO R11s feels small in your hand, making it effortless to hold and use.

OPPO R11s houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 4GB RAM and, ultra big 64GB ROM, allowing for easy multitasking and seamless, switching between different programs.  Useful technology created for all. OPPO VOOC Display is an advanced way to solve the battery difficulty in smart phones. At low temperature and voltage, the charging procedure is safe and fast. You can continue to use your smartphone through flash charge. User experience is better. 

The dual camera can intelligently gauge the distance, and collectively with specialist algorithm for thickness measurement, OPPO R11s may produce a natural and soft depth-of-field impact to highlight the subject. With dual f/1.7 large aperture, the bokeh result is more natural if you're shooting in the day or at night. To be able to produce better photo effects for portraits, OPPO has assembled the Portrait Laboratory. 

Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver - Features:

This moment, OPPO has personalized A.I. beauty recognition technologies, by assembling a significant selfie database that uses A.I. neural network calculations to collects 254 facial attributes and assesses the attributes from multiple dimensions including sex, age, skin texture, skin colour, expression, and physical condition. This allows R11s being your professional image consultant to apply the proper beauty treatment to each user to supply customized and personalized beauty solutions for users.

OPPO R11s provides a variety of enhancement effects. For example, it may brighten the skin and eyes, eliminate shine and skin that is moisturizing. The A.I. beauty recognition technology provides users with two countless different beauty effects which make women more beautiful, guys more manly, and people exceptional.

Using the structural characteristics in human aesthetics, the A.I. beauty recognition technology can suitably tighten the facial contour lines depending on the user's unique capabilities. The skin looks younger and firmer and with appropriate modification of lighting on the face, we could enhance the three-dimensional facial features to create more outstanding and glowing cheeks.

Oppo R11s Plus Oppo USB Driver - Support:

Presently, over 75 million OPPO smartphones equipped with the VOOC flash charge technology have been sold. The new upgraded ColorOS 3.2 optimized 64 situations widely used by users. At the same time, most functions were added to make it simpler to use the phone. These included functions to turn on two programs at the same time, split screen for apps, eye protection manner, rapid games, and kid room. The mobile usage experience becomes more convenient and fluid

Both rear cameras in OPPO R11s are both principal cameras. One is a 16MP camera to meet the necessities of a normal portrait photograph in the daytime, whereas the other is a 20MP camera specially designed for portrait shooting in the dark, a super strong combination to take clear photos both in day and nighttime.

No matter in backlighting or low light, R11s homes a 16MP camera to stand the portrait out. At the nighttime time, the 20MP camera will intelligently identify the shadowy scenes, and then rearrange the pixel combination, making a 2.0µm superb pixel for four occasions photosensitive location. Using a double f/1.7 aperture, the camera may highlight the notable facial features, and add layers to the photo with richer colours and less noise. Every photo is presently a cover taken.

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