OPPO F3 USB Drivers

A smartphone that can provide the best selfie experience to the user, as this F3 device has supported the latest camera from the design as well as a dual selfie one 16MP camera with extra-large pixels and one dual-view selfie camera. With two cameras, users will be able to snap a classic Solo shot when they’re in the mood but also include a whole group when they’re capturing memories with friends or family while that, Happy 4.0 delivers even more Plenty of options for hot catch changing selfies.

OPPO F3 Review

OPPO F3 USB Drivers
In addition to that also in the case F3 Bezel narrows below 27 percent of Co Pare to the previous F1s, with only a narrow Bezel of 2.0 mm, the result is very pure and continuous, you can not know where the Bezel ends and the glass starts, and with a lighter body and thinner than 5.5 inches, F3 also contributes to a very comfortable grip.
Equipped with two thin-thread metallic bands crossing the Bac from F3, capturing the light as they go. Meanwhile, the refined texture is unmatched from the shiny metal rear panel repels dust and is a pleasure to withstand. Every detail of the F3 comes together to give and a fickle impression of grace and beauty.

OPPO F3 Specs:

Equipped with in-cell technology, FHD in-cell display F3 reduces 1/4 from normal screen thickness. Thus giving the entire screen a high level of penetration and bright images. So what you see will feel brighter and excited even in the sun.
F3 uses a sophisticated Solid-State fingerprint reader so that only a few touches are enough to unlock your device. Equipped with a hydrophobic membrane that uses the same principle as a waterproof natural lotus leaf, the fingerprint reader has an improved success rate even when the user’s finger is moist.

OPPO F3 Features:

has supplied 4GB of RAM and an OCTA-Core 64-bit processor makes smooth multitasking and seamless switching between apps, movies, and music. F3 brings the user two 4g SIM slots supporting the highest speeds of up to 150 Mbps and an additional memory card slot to expand storage up to 128 GB, keeping a balanced life is a wind with a new three slot tray. 
And even in the unibody that pulls a little 5.5-inch, F3 successfully packs a powerful 3200mAh battery, giving the device only the right weight in your hands = offers excellent video playback time. Based on Android 6.0, the 3l0 color is seamlessly responsive, delivering a smooth, robust and lightweight experience that optimizes power usage and keeps users sailing all day long.

OPPO F3 USB Drivers For Windows:

ADB Installer
Support Software
For Windows (ALL OS)
Download Link:
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